Braces in the dental center "InStom"

Even, beautiful teeth are a matter of aesthetics and health: an incorrect bite can lead to very serious diseases of the oral cavity and jaw row.

Not everyone can boast of the perfect smile from nature. Fortunately, this is not a problem today. A beautiful smile is available to everyone thanks to orthodontic devices such as braces.

Installation of braces is an effective method of correcting dental occlusion, used for children and adults.

Braces are a system of, in fact, braces (special locks), orthodontic arch, litagur. Braces are attached to each tooth using special glue, then connected with arcs, which are tied with litagurs. Installation of braces is carried out on one or two jaws, depending on the individual requirement of the patient.

You can install braces in just one session at your orthodontist. The term of treatment (correction) of the occlusion is completely individual and is determined by the dentist during the patient's systemic visits to the clinic. Before installation, if the teeth are healthy, it is necessary to carry out their professional cleaning, if diseases are identified, treatment will be required first - braces are installed only on healthy teeth.

Braces can be divided according to several criteria. For example, according to the material from which they are made. The most affordable are metal braces. Ceramic braces are somewhat more expensive, but they are also less noticeable on the teeth. That is why adults often prefer the installation of ceramic braces.

You can also divide the braces according to the method of installation: lingual braces are attached from the inside of the teeth, vestibular - from the outside. Lingual braces are invisible to others and are often used in rather difficult cases, when the bite correction takes several years. Of course, for such a long period, the patient is more comfortable wearing braces that are not visible. 

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