Dental health is linked to the intake of four vitamins

Dr. Stephen Lin argues that brushing, flossing, and other dental care is not enough to prevent cavities. One of the main components of dental health, according to the expert, is a special diet, which should include four vitamins: A, K2, D and E. The scientist claims that most people do not get enough of these vitamins by following modern diets.

Without vitamin A, the salivary glands will not be able to produce the required amount of saliva, which will negatively affect the protective properties of the enamel. Dairy products, eggs, carrots and other types of vegetables contain high amounts of vitamin A.

Vitamin D is important for dentin and is a kind of fuel for the regeneration of dental tissues, the scientist notes. You can replenish your vitamin D stores with mushrooms and oily fish.

Without vitamin K2, calcium intake is useless. It acts as a regulator for calcium, distributing it to the most important parts of the body, and contributes to its better absorption. Dr. Lin advises eating soft cheeses and salami, which will obviously appeal to many foodies.

Finally, vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain optimal bacterial balance in the oral cavity. Nuts, broccoli and spinach are the best sources of vitamin E.

“I'm going to say something that might surprise you. Compared to proper dental nutrition, brushing your teeth is less important, ”summed up the Australian specialist. Dr. Lin's announcement has sparked a violent but controversial response in the dental community. In the near future, his book "The Dental Diet" will be published, which will reveal the nuances of the so-called diet for dental health. 

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