This present time attractive teeth are the indicative of both health and the guarantee of self-confidence and normal self-esteem, and therefore – success. However, even now as there are numerous oral hygiene preparations, not every person can boast beautiful and ultra white smile.

As shown by statistics, 80% of world population has one or another mishap with teeth and gums. Great many people are afraid of dentists and head for the doctor when the toothache is getting intolerable. Negligent attitude toward own health leads to lost teeth, prosthetics, periodontosis and other issues related to teeth and mouth cavity, which could be avoided by timely appeal to doctor.

One of the novel ways of smile preservation and support is represented by the development of Russian academics, professor, doctor of medicine, Renat Rashitovich Ahmerov, and candidate of medicine, Roman Feliksovich Zarudia, — the procedure of plasmolisting.

To this date, the method of plasmolifting is used successfully by dentists as the disease remedy and periodontal strengthening, bone-implant healing, as well as post-osteoplasty speed-up regeneration.

Plasmolifting is the injection method of local regenerative stimulation for tissues in the series of dental treatment.

Its objective is to achieve the excavation of inflammated periodontium, as well as to initiate the natural regeneration process of gum color, shape and structure, preventing osseous decrease.


The procedure of plasmolifting is based on the method of patient’s blood treatment, this translates to the injectable preparation of thrombocytic autoplasma, which is the product for further periodontal injections.

Autoplasma is the effective biological regeneration inducer, which contains highly concentrated growth factors, as well as hormones, proteins and vitamins in their essential combination.

Autoplasma is introduced locally in lesional gum tissues, implantation sites or bone grafting, in the area of sinus lifting, extraction socket, in the region of osteosynthesis or fixed membrane, in maxillo-facial area of soft tissues in the course of acute and chronic infectious inflammatory conditions. Tissue-injected thrombocytic plasm induces capillary budding, normalizes hemodynamics, tissue respiration, metabolism owing to the contained growth factors. Alongside with that, there takes place the process of osseous strengthening, collagen and osseous matrix formation assisted by bone stimulating collagen proteins. It gives rise to tissue immunity enhancement.


  • generalized periodontitis (1,2,3 severity levels),
  • gingivitis,
  • localized periodontitis,
  • alveolitis,
  • implantation procedures, tooth extraction,
  • periimplantitis,
  • preventive treatment of periodontal membrane.


  • Bleeding amelioration
  • Prevention of periodontal disease
  • Reduced mobility
  • Mouth odor control
  • Accelerated socket regeneration
  • Risk reduction of implant failure
  • Attainment of physiological gum coloring and anatomic shape
  • Discontinuance of periodontal disease progression
  • Enhanced implant acceptability.