Fixed prosthetics is widely used in the circumstances of complete or partial teeth loss. Current technologies of fixed prosthetic manufacturing vouch for their high stability, reliability and esthetic appeal, as well as no need for constant taking out of mouth.

The following prosthetic types are used depending on the type of problem to be solved:

  • Full fixed laminar prosthesis is employed in the case of complete teeth loss on one or both jaws. Their purpose is to make up for the absence of all teeth.
  • Non-fixed partial dentures are used in the absence of isolated teeth or their group in the raw. The given type of denture is involved for the loss of basic grinding teeth and for expanded denture defects.
  • Bugel prosthesis has the most steady and comfortable design. Its basic difference is conditioned by the fact that mastication load is equalized among gingival jaw surface and remaining teeth, in comparison with partial dentures where the entire load is focused on gum. Bugel prosthesis is the type of construction which enables reliable fixation of dental arch.

Depending on the cost and different fixations options, there can be:

  • Clamper-fixed bugel prosthesis
    Bugel prosthesis’ clampers represent the part of its cast metal structure. They are necessary for satisfactory prosthesis fixing in patient’s oral cavity. Clampers implement the function of retain and support. They distribute mastication load among jaw and teeth supported by clampers. In this case 1/3 of mastication load is focused on teeth covered by clampers, 2/3 – on gum.
  • Clasp-based bugel prosthesis
    Bugel prosthesis with attachments represents the same bugel prosthesis with clampers replaced with microclasps (attachments).
  • Telescopic crown bugel prosthesis 
    Secure retention for this type of dentures is provided by means of telescopic (extensible) crowns. Specific crowns are installed on retainer teeth, which are lately attached with prosthesis having accurately tailored pits – the attachment is securely fixed by snap-on after the alignment of two parts.


Prosthetics in the field of contemporary dentistry leaves room for denture fixation absolutely invisible from the outside.

Each type of prosthetic construction and the method of dental prosthetics handle certain functional and esthetic goal, begin with ill-favored teeth color, and end with a total absence of them.


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